The CYKSA (Cyber Knowledge and Security Awareness) Observatory focuses on the detailed analysis of legislation on cybersecurity and cyber risk and the promotion of public awareness campaigns on cybersecurity issues. It also develops and takes part in exercises and simulations for major banking sector actors and associated entities (local institutions, international organisations, etc.), with a view to improving prevention and response capabilities.

The CYKSA Observatory also invites external entities to participate in dialogue and sharing activities on more specific topics (e.g. CNAIPIC (Postal police), Telco Providers and representatives of international payment providers).

In addition, CYKSA Observatory activities also include fraud detection for the banking sector, performed annually by CERTFin since 2012. The results of the survey are published in the Report on Security and Computer Fraud in Banking, which contains graphics, trend information and a detailed analysis of the main types of frauds affecting the Italian financial community.