The value of participation in CERTFin

CERTFin allows banking and financial industry operators to:

  • Create a system for members to exchange information on cyber attacks in a secure, confidential and coordinated manner by using shared procedures, with a view to facilitating the diffusion of information;
  • Share information on the types of frauds and mechanisms, as well as news on banking-specific incidents, giving special attention to service and process aspects and technological issues;
  • Support coordination in the event of cyber incidents;
  • Develop industry-wide cyber-intelligence practices;
  • Improve situational awareness of cybersecurity issues;
  • Enhance the network of institutional partners and cyber experts in the national and international arena.

Who can be part of CERTFin

Participation in CERTFin is open, on a voluntary basis, to all Italian banking and financial sector operators. These include: payment service providers, banking and financial intermediaries, insurers, market infrastructure managers, service centres and providers of technological services for payment systems.

Financial sector watchdogs and associations can also participate in CERTFin, in accordance with the agreed procedures.

How to join CERTFin

Participants are required to fill in and sign a form and to pay a membership fee.