The Cybersecurity Observatory for the insurance industry, coordinated jointly with ANIA, is tasked with acquiring data and information that can help define leading trends in the management of cybersecurity in the insurance industry and to address the regulatory, technological and organisational issues that may affect insurance companies.

The research line considers the Insurers not just as entities that are active on the web and therefore potentially exposed to its known threats and vulnerabilities, but as cyber insurance service providers interested in gathering information on the types of frauds that are most commonly found in the industry and intent on sharing information to properly assess and classify potential risks of attacks and cyber threats.

In 2020, CERTFin also launched a special survey for the insurance industry; the results are published in a dedicated report illustrating trends and containing graphs and a detailed analysis of the main types of frauds affecting the insurance industry.

The meetings of the working group are open to insurance companies participating in CERTFin, insurance companies associated with banking groups in CERTFin and all members of the Constituency seeking further insights into cybersecurity in the insurance industry.